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[10 Nov 2004|10:14pm]
[ mood | Sleepy ]

I have a new lj account


Add me <3

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And I will try to change their lives. [18 Sep 2004|06:25pm]

Jesus reigns.


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I am yours [26 Aug 2004|11:47am]
[ mood | bouncy ]


I dunno what to write now........ kthnx

Sunday Night Rock
Pastor Brian Grow
Surviving to Win Part Two

Know Your Enemy!
1 Peter 4:8

Be alert
3 Keys to sucessfully beat your enemy :
1) Know which way he's coming
Surpirse is a strong ally

[Side note :
Three Things About The Devil
1)He's not a myth
2)He's not a philosophy
3) "He doesn't care about you" FALSE! ]

How he's coming :
1) He works through people (Ei. Gossip)
2) Comes through innocence (Ei. Reading horoscopes for fun)
3) Disobediance
His goal is to turn you from God. Where or what you turn to he doesn't


2) Know his weapons!
1) Doubt
2) Blame
3) Fear
4) Confusion
5) Offense
6) Anger/Rage
7) Jealousy
8) Pride
9) Lust/ Sexual Temptations
10) Apathy/Laziness

3) Know HOW he likes to attack
1) Attacks on Moutnain sides (When you're coming down from a

great expierience, and about to enter trials)
2) When you're angry
3)Through innocence
4) Attacks the strong
5) Attakcs the Prideful

James 4:7 ".....Sumbit to God..."

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Will they open their eyes? [24 Aug 2004|11:01am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hokay. I need to make some sweet bracelets bacelets today and clean the kitchen. Ew the milk was all gross this morning so I didnt get to eat the Fuit Loops T_T Oh sweet fruit loops Im sorry you had to be flushed. Aerosmith is on. I cant help but watch their videos. AUGH MAKE IT END SO I CAN FINISH THIS! >:0

You know. I dont want to sound hypoctical but, some lines from this song by Avril are pretty good. Like for example " Held up so high, on such a breakable thread"  Thats pretty nice. But moving on.

So Id like to shout out to my fav bioch/co worker <3 Jake I heart you like my cats heart a cardboard box.And thats like obsession. So yeah. <3  >;3

I cut out this thing from the new paper, and it used to say "Is Your Child Ready For School?", but then I crossed out school and wrote Jeff Co.  And then theres a picture of an American guy with a Japanese guy on each sie of him, so now their both saying " We <3 Jeff Co!"

Ok thats all. Class dismissed.

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Sweet. [23 Aug 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | weird ]

I made some awesome bracelets today. My dad thinks I should start making them to sell. Theyre pretty cool.

I dont see why I cant get over Max. This is driving me crazy.

If you care to read this, pick a color. Im changing MyO again.

I want I want I want I want I want , these shoes plzkthnx.

 ='[ Not in my size, bitches.


Arr, Dustin is finding them for me. Kthnx.

Dont call me Chris, I'll slap you.


Ok my work is done here. Ive updated .


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I've tried these lines one too many times [22 Aug 2004|03:44pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

I think I'm going to go back to my raver background. Yeah I will.

So I guess Jess and Max like each other and he's going to ask her out. Geez. = | It's not smooth when you ask out your good friend/ex's best friend. Just a thought. >:0 *Flipping you off*

Dag bioches.

So yesterday at the partay was uber sweet. I like hanging with Nick and Krista and Duane. Duane is coolio. Don't make fun of my bioch or I'll slap you. =]  So we met Rick....how thrilling? Yeah. He was cool, at first. Oh man at the end I went to go pick up my shoes and  it was Rick and Rob by the fire and Rick said to Rob "And you thought you weren't going to get lucky tonight!" I ran back to the pool house and burst out laughing. Aw man. Im not making a gay joke or whatever. See earlier we all thought Rick was gay so we were like omgogmgomg. ha.

So I think we might go to Duane's today. Maybe. I'll call Krista ( scaurasktr ).

Shouting out. I MISS SPONGEBONG89 aka Devon. haha I havent talked to him in a while =[

I itch.

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Download [17 Aug 2004|10:57am]
[ mood | calm ]

My hair smells so good.Ahhh blueberries and cream. =]

I made two more bracelets yesterday, how pretty.

Max (10:59:51 AM): if i didn't have football to keep me occupied i'd be thinking of u all the time

Ugh, I can't help but feel bad when he says stuff like that. =\ Like, yeah I still like him. I'm not just as crazy about him as I was before. I dont want to lead him on, but I dont want to be like I dont like you ew get away. Because then Im truly a crush whore. =\ Alas

I think its better when I dont talk to people for a while. I think I should sign off of AIM for a few days and  just be on Yahoo so I can talk to Lee. I heart Lee. =]

I sent Matt's bracelet out yesterday. =] I think he'll get it on thursday. Hopefully I put enough stamps on the evelope. D: </3

I found my devotional book yesterday. Then I read proverbs 6 I think and Ekl- I dont know how to spell it but it was 45:1-12

I better go ta ta <3

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Am I not standing in it? [14 Aug 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Last night was  CRAZY .   The girls in my youth are so awesome and out going. I hope they realize what an example they are for me sometimes. =]

I'm so glad co-worker Jake scaurasktr ) came. I wouldve been alone for the night otherwise. =\ Tomi: "Are you emo?"   Christina: "Yes, I am."   

 I am a hardcore bunny lover.

The who's line game spin off  was too funny. I had the worst one to do. A woman in labor and the midwife, only speaking in questions...Man oh man...

The TALK was great. Fellowship is so important.  I talked to my mom about it today. And another good thing that has happened, thank you God, Im finally becoming more patient with my mom. Im not being as "rebellious" and rude I guess you could say.

I'm finding more christian bands with my type of genre and Im really liking what Im hearing. It sounds the same, but I react differently, Im not angry and feel grungy and just down right wrong with everything. With this I can listen to it, and feel good about it. The lyrics are great. Not about realationships, but about God.  Here is an example, from Kutless - Not What You See :

Do you feel the tensions rise
Do you know why we always fight
To be better, better than you
And you better than me

I am not what you see, oh no
Not much more than a slave I wish to be
I am not what you see
Not much more a slave I should be
Nothing more, a slave I will be

How could I ever think to be more
than the one who created me
I watched him do all that he said, his words were
"Be a servant to all"

I am not what you see, oh no
Not much more than a slave I wish to be
I am not what you see
Not much more a slave I should be
Nothing more, a slave I will be

Only one deserves this exaltation
Only one deserves this elevation
But even He, He laid it down to serve on bended knee

I am not what you see, oh no
Not much more than a slave I wish to be
I am not what you see
Not much more a slave I should be
Nothing more, a slave I will be

I want to buy a new devotional book soon, I cant find mine. I must go now. Ta ta <3

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Your love is extravigant, your friendship is intament [12 Aug 2004|12:12pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Youth was A.W.E.S.O.M.E last night. It was really intense, and made you think about lots and lots and lots of things.

Wow. For sure, me and Krista neeeeeed to start this bible study during lunch for kids.

Wow. I dont really know what to say. I have to start cleaning again soon. Laundry is done.

 Here is my favorite flower that is on our porch now..


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You heal my broken heart, you are my father in heaven. [10 Aug 2004|01:33pm]
[ mood | recumbent ]

Ugh, my computer shut explorer done as soon as I was done typing this. I hope the new XP update helps us out. Im getting ticked maan

So yesterday I striaghtened out the Maxxx situation. Its all good now, we're friends so Im happy. He wants to come over sometime and watch movies with me, Krista, and Jess. So Krista Call moi. ;]

Um, I need a cellular phone plan for the family. Well I dont NEED one, but my parents want it because its hard when we're all out doing different things at different times and we only have 1 phone. So yeah. Tell me if you know of a company/plan that is affordable,and has good reception on the phones. Kthnx

I hope you all have the nicest of days. Im in love with quesadillas and Third Day's album, "Offerings 2". =] Im out.


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This. [09 Aug 2004|02:19pm]
Choose a band/or artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:: Incubus - A Crow left at the murder
Are you female or male:: Southern Girl
Describe yourself:: Beware! Criminal!
How do you feel about yourself:: Made for a movie
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend:: Megalomaniac
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend:: Smile lines
Describe where you want to be:: Here in my room
Describe what you want to be:: pirceless
Describe how you live:: Sick sad little world
Describe how you love:: Leech
Share a few words of wisdom:: Talk show on mute ?

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Let's run away to Canadia [09 Aug 2004|08:42am]
[ mood | blank ]

Wow. Let's list the new things I got yesterday, shall we?

- Old polaroid camera [$2]

- 5 vintage pins [4.25]

- 3 necklaces [$3]

- Max's present [$1]

 - A boyfriend . . . .What the cwap face?! =O!

That's right. Max Annis, and Christina DiFrancesco.

We have a problem though, his mom will end up knowing and tell my mom, orrrrr Jess will tell her parents who will say something to my parents. Risk. =\ Hm.

Yes, its true. Im not allowed to date until Im 16/17.


Ok, enough about realationships. Duane's was fun. Nick and Krista playing scrabble was the best! Nazisafaritwot!! HAHAHA Wait, thats not a word.. Shhhhhhhh! Duane was cool, he seems a little more mature, but still immature. Alas. And congrats to Nick, I mistook you for a stuck up loner in the beginning but Ive now come to find youre actually cool! And you like Krista too! Wowzers. =]

I think Ill try to change up the LJ today, we'll see.

 "Invaders are destroying gorilla habitat in the Congo" Damn bitches. Arrrrrrrr Ta ta



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. . . . HICKEY [06 Aug 2004|09:46am]
[ mood | thankful ]

Haha. Yesterday was mucho fun. I spent maybe 3 hours talking to Chris and Jeff <333. Jess was threre too, she makes my day bright.  Haha yeah.  I cant stop thinking baout a certain someone who I cant stop liking because its just too right to be wrong. D:!!!

Ok so anywho, Jason made me a bracelet. I want to be cool like Jason and have an old old retro skateboard , randomly have chalk in my car for fun anytime ( EXTREEEEEME HOPSCOTCH!), and carry a bag of beads with me at all times in case anyone wants a bracelet. =] Jason makes me happy, in a non perverted way...you hickies.... :3

So then K.I.T.T.C was great.  I love the little kids downtown. Too cute. I was brutally beaten with paper hats by my best friend, though.Ouch.

I think Ill go to Duane's house tomorrow with Krista to watch movies. Krista and Nick do their thing on the other side of the couch, that still cracks me up man....


I call this, "Im hot and I know it so I think I'll just look at the camera."


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This awful melody is proof that I will never breathe. [03 Aug 2004|12:18pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]


Well I've been helping out with childrens ministry, its great.


 I dont know , theres nothing to really talk about anymore.


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The Game of L i f e [01 Aug 2004|12:22pm]
[ mood | confused ]


 Let's just pray for a better tomorrow, eh?



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[30 Jul 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

There's not much to talk about.

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Can you take this silence like a pill so I can breathe again? [27 Jul 2004|04:15pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

What time are you starting this?: 3:31pm
Name?:  Christina
Nicknames?: Jeph/Batman/Buttercup/Chris/Chrissy (haha thanks Maxxx)
Date of birth?: December 20, 1990
Sex?:  The proud owner of a vagina
Height?: 5'2"
Eye color?:  Light Brown <3
Where were you born?: Millard Philmore (sp!)
Number of candles on your last birthday cake?: 1
Pets?: 3 cats. Morrisette, Aggie, and Brandon <333
Hair color?:  Light brown
Piercings?:   Just the basic.
Town you live in?: Lockport (Pendleton..?)
Favorite foods?:  Food and me are kind of bleh right now..
Ever been to Africa?:  I might be going... =| Poor HIV/AIDS kids
Been toilet papering?:  Um, not recently?
Love someone so much it made you cry?:  Y.e.s
Been in a car accident?:  Nope
Croutons or bacon bits?:  Croutons
Favorite day of the week?:  Dont have one
Favorite resturant?:  Spot Coffee, cafes do count right?
Favorite flower?:  Peanie/ Moon Flower
Favorite sport to watch?: Water Ballet
Favorite drink?:  Bubble Tea
Favorite ice cream flavor?:  Coffee
Warner Bros. or Disney?:  Disney
Favorite fast food restuarant?:  Ew. Hails no.
Carpet color in your bedroom?: Dark Blue like my mind.  =3
How many times did you fail your driver's test?: Havent taken it yet =\
Whom did you get your last email from?:  Keen
Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?:  Trash Queen/New World Records
What do you do most often when you are bored?:  Listen to music and draw in my room
Most annoying thing to say to me?: I like ponk rawk! Lyk simple plan and GC!  or  God isnt real
Bedtime?:  Around 11 regularly
Favorite TV show?:  Friends. Cracks me up goodness.
Last person you went out to dinner with?: My mom and brother..
Been out of country?:  Canadia?
Believe in magick?: Can you spell?
Ford or Chevy?:  Neither.
What are you listening to right now?: Daphne Loves Derby </3333333333333333333
Have you ever failed a grade?: Not yet? 
If you have, what grade did you fail?:  Yes.
Do you have a crush on someone?: When do I not?
Do you have a bf/gf?:  Nope, I hope I dont at least..
If so, what is their name?:    . . .  Yes
How long have you been together?: 234158548393 years
What are you wearing right now?:  Hemp choker my daddy made me, jeans I havent washed in a week, and my green tank top
Would you have sex before marriage?:  No.
Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers?: N.O.
Are you a virgin?:   Yes. =]
Do you smoke?: Ew. Hails no.
Do you drink?:  Nope. Im glad Im not some 13 year old drunk... *coughlikesomeoneIknowcough*
Are you ghetto?:  As ghetto as my g-ma , biach. 8)
Are you a player?: I get as much game as a boy with a nub for an arm. x3
What are your favorite colors?: White, purple, grey.
What is your favorite animal?: Catttttt   =3 !
Do you have any birthmarks?: Nope, not really
Have you ever gotten your ass kicked?:  Not yet
Who do you talk to most on the phone?:  Krista <3
Have you ever been slapped?: Yes.
Do you get online a lot?: Am I taking this quiz?
Are you shy or outgoing?:  Both.
Do you shower?:  No, I really dont. Want to use my bed for the night?
Do you hate school?:  No
Do you have a social life?:  Yes
How easily do you trust people?: Yes, sometimes
Do you have a secret people would be surprised knowing?:  Yes. . .
Would you ever sky dive?:  Hmmm Sure
Do you like to dance?:  As much as I like to eat meat....
Have you ever been out of state?:  Yup yup yup
Do you like to travel?: Yeah
Have you ever been expelled from school?:  Nope
Have you ever been suspended from school?: Nope
Do you want to get out of your hometown?:  Yes!
Are you spoiled?: Yes
Are you a brat?:  I hope not =/
Have you ever been dumped?:  Nope
Have you ever gotten high?:   NO
Do you like snapple?:   YES x3
Do you drink a lot of water?:  Yeah
What toothpaste do you use?: Aquafresh, extreme clean
Do you have a cell phone?: I will soon 8)
Do you have a curfew?: Not that I know of
Who do you look up to?:  Hmmmmm, Max, Krista, Jess, Dustin, Jose, Dan, Astro, Laura, Ben, Jen, Father Renzi, Zach, Jason, Steve, My mom, Jeff, Chris, Tom, Derrick, Matt, Brandon Boyd, Kenny, Jeff
Are you a role model?:  I hope.And if I am I hope Im a good one
Have you ever been to Six Flags or Cedar Point?:  Yes and Im going to Cedar point this year maybe =]
What name brand do you wear the most?:  Paris Blues (the jeans I never wash) x3
What kind of jewelry do you wear?: Costume, childish
What do you want pierced?: LIP
Do you like takin pictures?:  YUSS! <33333
Do you like gettin your picture taken?:  No
Do you have a tan?: Yeah, only on my arms though :S
Do you get annoyed easily?:  Yes, sometimes
Have you ever started a rumor?: I cant remember
Do you have your own phone or phone line?:   No
Do you have your own pool?: No
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: Boxers, duh
Do you have any siblings?:  Older brother
Have you ever been played?: No
Have you ever played anyone?:    No
Do you get along with your parents?:  Not really =\
How do you vent your anger?:  I listen to music in my room as I cry on my matress suffocating my gasps for air with a pillow
Have you ever ran away?:  Not yet
Have you ever been fired from a job?: No.. I pwn the company
Do you even have a job?: Yes.. I pwn the company
Do you daydream a lot?:   Yes... All day long
Do you have a lot of ex's?:   Hahahaha!  No.
Do you run your mouth?:   No, should I ?
What do you want a tattoo of?:  A tribal tatoo on my back
What do you have a tattoo of?:   Nothing
What does your ex bf/gf look like?:  HAhahaha! No comment
What does your most recent crush look like?:  Oh my,... Tall, muscular, long hair that covers his eyes, pretty blue eyes
Whats her/his name?: . . . Hehehe I dare not say that aloud
Have you ever been bitched out?:  Yes?
Are you rude?: Depends
What was the last compliment you recieved?:  "You make the insides of my pants happy :o" - Saria
Do you like getting dirty?:  No, kthnx
Are you flexiable?: No. . .
What is your heritage?:  Fat :=P  Not cool dad, not cool.
What is your lucky number?:   I dont have one..Mainly becuase I dont believe in luck
What does your hair look like right now?:  Crrrrrrazy
Could you ever be a vegetarian?:  I am and have been for 1 year and 3 months
Describe your looks?:   Not tall but not short, tan arms and not so tan rest of moi (ha ha ha), Not skinny but not obese, Short light brown hair with some blond at the end, light brown eyes which contain freckles somehow
If you had to completely dye your hair it'd be what color?:  Firey orange with blonde highlights
Would you ever date someone younger than you?:   No.  =|
Would you ever date someone older than you?:   Yes.
When was the last time you were drunk?:   I have never been and never will be drunk
How many rings until you answer the phone?:  2
Have you ever been skinny dipping?:   Yes
If yes, when was the last time?: New Years
When was the last time you went on a date?: Hey, remember? "You culdnt get a guy if u tried, hun!"
Do you look more like your mother or father?:  Father =?
Do you cry a lot?:   Yes
Do you ever cry to get your way?:  No
What phrase do you use most when on the phone?:  Righto/ Yeah
Are you the romantic type?:   I try?
Have you ever been chased by cops?: Nope
What do you like most about your body?:  I dont
What do you like least about your body?:  Everything
When did you have your first crush?:  preschool 8) And it was on a 2nd grader , SCORE! x3
When was the last time you threw up?: Last year
In the opposite sex, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?:  No.
Do you ever wear shirts do show your belly?:  No
What about cleavage?:  Kind of?
Is your best friend a virgin?:   I hope so
Have you ever fucked someone up?:  I hope not!
Have you ever been fucked up?:  No...
What theme does your room have?:    No theme
What size show do you wear?:  Shoe *  9 womens, 6 1/2 mens
What is your screen name on AIM?:  ChefJeph007
How are you feeling right now?: Lonely, wistful
When was the last time you were at a party?:  Hm, cant remember
Have you ever given a lapdance?:  No
Have you ever recieved one?: No
Has there ever been a rumor spread about you?:  Yes
What is one of your bad qualilties?:   Looks, shyness?
What is one of your good qualilties?:   singing voice
Would you marry for money?: NO
What do you drive?:  A 2005 Pontiac 4door CUV Matrix 8) <33
Are you more of a mommys or daddys child?:  Mommy's
So?: Yeah
Well?:  Bleh *brushes teeth*
When was the last time you cried in school?: December
Would you ever hook up with the same sex?: No..
What kind of music do you like?:  Screamo/Emo/Indie/Acoustic/Christian alternative/Pop Punk
Would you ever bungee jump?:   No =|
What is your worst fear?: Being alone
Would you ever join the army?: No
Do you like cows?:   yes'm
If you were to die today, what would you do?:  Id pray to make sure Im going to heaven, and call everyone I love
If you had one last word to say to someone before you die, what would it b?: Sorry
Do you like to party?: Not really
Hearts or broken hearts?: Hearts that heal broken hearts
Moons or stars?:  Stars
Coke or pepsi?:   Sprite
Favorite scent?:  Adidas Sport cologne
Favorite band?:   Relient K
Would you ever dye your hair red?:   Yus'm
How many languages can you speak?:  1-2
What time are you finishing this?:  4:14pm


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Smoothie = me about to throw up. :P [22 Jul 2004|09:43pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

So as today's title suggests, Im stuffed like a teddy bear at the flea market. Yeeeehaw.

    Yesterday was grrreat. Youth was Awesome!!   It was so funny, especially when PB tried to make Sam say sweeet. Ha ha. Im so glad Krista came last night. I love to hang out wit choo <3

   So today was lazzzzzy. But then again, it was great.  I spent almost the whole day talking to Tim. I know, its sad how I was online almost all day but hey  I dont care what you think *coughsomeoneidontlikereadsthiscough* :). Ok, sorry for that but whatev. So anyways, Tim right? GAWD I LOVE HIM! We started off good today. Then things got, bleh.  But if you know me and Tim, you know we werent like that for long. He's so sweet. IlovehimIlovehimIlovehim. And its awesome because I can honestly say that. I mean, its not true love unless it hurts right? Well thats how it is with me and him. So you just shut up. :]

  I hate when I used to have something so good with someone where we would talk hours on ends about everything and anything and yet now a year later it so formal.

 :[ Im feeling sad and deep. I need to talk about it to someone. Ta-ta.

Oh and for the next few days Ill be posting art from Deviant. I really like this picture. <333

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I think you dropped this. [21 Jul 2004|10:43am]
[ mood | giddy ]

10 S0NGS Y0U L0VE:
1 My heart is the worst kind of weapon - FOB
2 My eyes burn - Matchbook Romance
3 A song to say - Elektronot
4 Pretty girl - Sugarcult
5 Innocent - Our Lady Peace
6 War all the time - Thursday
7Certaincy will kill me - My american heart
8 California in December - Transistor Radio
9 Stellar - Incubus
10 Moment of Weakness - Bif Naked

1 Phone calls with Jake
2 Talking to Dustin/Astro/MP online
3 Music
4 Making somone smile
5 Having a good time talking/goofing off with mum
6 Shopping.... :P
7 A good screamo band to explain how I feel
8 When somone actually says LOLOLOL and means it.
9 A nice breeze

8 My silver bell bracelet
7 Pink jelly bracelet
6 Necklaces
5 Pants
4 Brandon the Ninja
3 My bi bag
2 Cd player
1 Nail polish?

1 Pop singers
2 Fame
3 Local bands gone famous
4 My dad (sometimes)
5 Cds that wont play
6 Persecution
7 People who put other people down for stupid reasons

1 TDAA with Jake and her Biach nazi
2 Kingdom Bound with Mum Max and Lorna
3 Youth group with the gang
4 The girls sleep over
5 Meeting Tim
6 Shopping tonight ><

1 Butterflies....shut up Max!
2 Aliens
3 Being alone
4 Life without God
5 Slipknot

1 Tim
2 Jess
3 Lindsey
4 God

1 The REplacements
2 Anchorman
3 Kung Pow

1 When his head was in my lap :P
2 When a father hugged his two year old daughter and told her how much she loved her, just thinking about it makes me cry

1 Jesus

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I will walk by Faith. Even when I cannot see. [20 Jul 2004|03:44pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

 Holy fweaken cwap! Yesterday was great.  x3

      So I woke up, life was good. I was feeling great about everything. I cleaned up some. Then dad got home early. He bought me.... The new Mario and Luigi Game! Im so excited...Still! I love it so much. I highly reccomend this to any game lover.  He also got me this month's Shonen Jump. <3333 Thank you dad.

   He's cool sometimes. I hope I didnt seem like a materialist right there. :S

      Then I finally got the Jeremy Camp cds! Im so psyched! (sp?) I listened to it for about 2 hours. Then I took a shower. Ahhh showers...

   I got back on and you'll never believe who was on. Maxxx (haha) and Astro! Awesome times in a nutshell. Astro says I rock so you can all go and - Hey hey Im just kidding you know I love you all. :]

  I found out Max and I have alot more in common. Hes awesome. I can't wait to hang out with him and Paull again .

 I went to bed around 12 ish , then I kept waking up every hour and was uncomfortable. I finally fell asleep and then woke at around 10:30a.

  I cleaned from then to  1:30 when I decided to check up on my internet homies. Gawd Im such a loser. =P Whatev.  Then I signed off shortly after to play some more Mario twins. Gawd Dame they are like the same guy! Hahahaha.  Then later that day I signed on and talked with my co workers and Lee. <3

Well thats it for today. I'll leave some Jeremy Camp lyrics and today's picture. Over and out.

With every moment of every day
My heart is aching with words to say
I can't explain it, the way i feel
All that you've given has been so real
I couldn't breathe some, i couldn't breathe
Something more to live
I didn't want none I didn't want
Nothing more than this.

                                                                                                               All the time, all the time 
                                                                                           You have given me love more than i know

My words are wasted when I dont speak
Of all your wonders within our reach
The more you show me your printed hands
To be more grateful, to understand
I couldn't breathe some, i couldn't breathe
Something more to live
I didn't want none I didn't want
None, nothing more than this.

                                                                                                                    All the time, all the time
                                                                                          You have given me love more than i know

The way you've planned it, it's more than i can see
I'll never understand it until i live with you in eternity

                                                                                                            All the time, all the time
                                                                                           You have given me love more than i know


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