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I heart you


20 December
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Well lets see, I am Me. Nothing more, nothing less. Im going to marry *updated* Tim, my good friend.I am currently stalking my co-worker, JaKe (scaurasktr) *wink wink*. I live with my parents and we have 3 cats, my brother's girlfried tee's me off quite a bit. I own a buisness. We are Jeff Co. We're so extremely well known now that we rival Star Trek Geek Conventions. Its awesome. I know quite a few people named Mike/Dan/Jeff. It gets confusing fast. I like bright colors and loud music. I wear things that clash and Im proud of it. Some people accuse me of being ugly and sad. I say, Well thats great! I honestly dont care about your opinion more than 70% of the time unless youre Jeff Co's EFR or Jester. :]